Domestic Home Studies

A domestic homestudy is required for adoptions that occur within the United States. Domestic homestudies are needed for a variety of adoptions including private, foster to adopt, relative, and stepparent adoptions.
We conduct homestudies that are valid for a placement throughout the United States and that meet mandatory ICPC requirements.

What is a homestudy?

A homestudy, also called a pre-placement report, is one of the most important aspects of the adoption process. A homestudy is an evaluation of the prospective adoptive parent(s). The process is completed through interviews with all household members, a tour of your home, and the collection of a variety of documents. The homestudy report includes information about your motivation for adopting, biographical information, relationship status, your home, financial situation, and your preparedness for adoption. There are a variety of forms required including criminal and child abuse background checks, medical examinations, financial statements, and references. A minimum of ten hours of adoption training is required for all homestudy reports.

A homestudy update may be required if items within the original homestudy expire prior to the finalization of an adoption. This includes background checks, medical examinations, financial information, and references. These items are typically updated annually for domestic adoptions. A homestudy update may also be required if a material change occurs within your home. This includes changing residences, adding or removing a household member, a major medical diagnosis, significant financial changes, a change in relationship status, or a change in child specifications.

How long does the homestudy process take

It generally takes most families 2-3 months to complete the homestudy. The timeframe for completion truly depends upon how quickly families can complete the necessary paperwork. All paperwork for the homestudy process is now completed in writing – to allow families to provide thoughtful responses without feeling rushed. The homestudy report is typically completed within the same week that all homestudy documents have been completed and the home inspection has taken place. Joy Adoption Services recognizes the importance of completing adoption homestudies thoroughly and in a timely manner, as it is typically the last item needed for a family to enter active status.

Expedited homestudies can be completed on a case-by-case basis.

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