Meet Kelsey Melvin

Joy Adoption Services was founded as a non-profit organization in the State of Washington in 2020. Kelsey Melvin, MSW, serves as the Executive Director of Joy Adoption Services. She has been active within the adoption community for the past twelve years. Kelsey had dreams of becoming an adoption social worker since childhood. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Pacific Lutheran University. She then attended graduate school at Walla Walla University, where she obtained her Master of Arts Degree in Social Work in 2011. Kelsey has facilitated adoptions for the past twelve years. Kelsey also has nine years of experience completing pre and post-placement adoption homestudies for domestic, international, step-parent, grandparent, and second parent adoptions.

My Story

In middle school, I stood in a crowded court room while the judge finalized the adoption of my cousins. In that moment, I knew that I wanted to commit the rest of my life to the journey of adoption. I volunteered at various adoption agencies in high school then began as an intern for an international adoption agency in 2009. Since that time, I’ve been blessed to facilitate and supervise hundreds of international adoptions. I am truly passionate about what I do. I recognize that adoption is one of the most incredible life experiences one can have and I find great joy in playing a small role in each family’s journey. I pride myself on being available to prospective adoptive parents during the initial inquiry phase, during the homestudy process, and for years to come. Being a mama of two is my greatest joy, and I’m grateful that my role in adoption allows others to experience the love of a family.

Who We Serve

Joy Adoption Services provides adoption services for families throughout the State of Washington. Joy Adoption Services provides services for clients regardless of age, race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or family structure. We recognize that adoption is a unique and wonderful journey. We are happy to provide services for single parents, married couples, stepparents, relatives, and same-sex couples.

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